I started a baby massage course with Jenny when my daughter was 7 weeks old. She absolutely loved it. It really relaxed her and she would fall asleep straight after each class! I still massage her every couple of days now as I find it a great way to bond with her and I credit it as one of the reasons I've such a chilled out little girl. I also loved the social aspect of the course - getting to chat to other mums and pick up some tips. I would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Jenny's classes. Jenny was so professional,yet also so warm and welcoming. Just writing this is making me want to sign up again!

Jayne & baby Lauren

This has been the most wonderful way to spend time with my baby! I've learned how to relax him for bed and we have great fun at massage time. I'll miss the class and the opportunity to meet other new mums!

Jenny & Baby Alex

I loved getting together with the other moms and learning the different massage techniques. I learnt how to release wind and how to help Ben relax and also that he really enjoys it. It was a really lovely experience and helped me bond with my son. Jenny was a fantastic instructor, really relaxed and welcoming. She took her time and facilitated group conversations - she's an excellent teacher. I really enjoyed the class and I will be recommending to all new moms. 

Lizzie & Baby Ben

Thanks a mill for our massage class, we loved it and you were great - very professional and relaxing. I loved meeting the other mums and babies but also having some relaxing time with Isla. I learnt that I have to pick the right time to massage Isla, for her to enjoy it best. Jenny was very relaxed and friendly. She reassured us and made us feel comfortable even if our baby was out of sorts. Thanks again.

Sian & Baby Isla

I would highly recommend Pregnancy Yoga with Jenny. Classes have a different theme every week and Jenny really makes you feel comfortable, with short introductions at the beginning of every class so you get to know the other Mums-to-Be. Yoga poses really helped loosen up any stiffness and Jenny is very clear on explaining breathing exercises and labour positions. Also great relaxation for winding down at the end of every class.

Emma & Bump

I really enjoyed the pregnancy yoga classes. I found them useful and also relaxing after a day's work. The small class size was good, as you felt you got personal attention if you had a question. Hopefully I'll make a few mammy friends too out of it!      

Aoife & Bump