Baby Yoga

My baby yoga classes are really relaxed and all about having some fun with your baby. You will learn a range of postures from gentle stretches to little swings and relaxed holds.


As every baby is different in ages and their flexibility the postures are always taught within your baby's range. Each week your baby gains more confidence as do you! The classes also include postnatal stretches, breathing and relaxation, songs and lots of rhymes. Every class ends with a chat and a cup of tea/coffee with like-minded mums or dads!


Helps your baby to sleep better and for longer

Improves babies digestion and can help to ease gas pain

Strengthens your babies physical body

Promotes a healthy & physically fit lifestyle

Strengthens the parent-baby bond

Increases your babies neuromuscular development

Helps to boost babies immune system

Can help to reduce stress by developing relaxation techniques

Can help to reduce anxiety

Increases babies body awareness

Enhances communication between parent and baby

Stimulates the vestibular (balance) system, helping to master skills such as sitting & crawling



when and where:

Classes are on Wednesday mornings at 11:45am in the lovely cosy '360 Yoga' studio, in St.Benildus College, Upper Kilmacud Road, Dundrum. Classes are an hour and fifteen minutes. No previous yoga experience necessary!


Directions: Enter St Benildus carpark and drive around to the right hand side of the carpark. You'll see a narrow road. Follow the road around to the back of the school and the sports hall is down on the right with parking directly outside. Go inside and up the stairs - the studio is around to the right.



A 5 week course costs €85. (This can be used over 7 weeks, giving you more flexibility which is great when you have a small baby).

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