Baby Yoga

My baby yoga classes are really relaxed and all about having some fun with your baby. You will learn a range of postures from gentle stretches to little swings and relaxed holds.


As every baby is different in ages and their flexibility the postures are always taught within your baby's range. Each week your baby gains more confidence as do you! The classes also include postnatal stretches, breathing and relaxation, songs and lots of rhymes. Every class ends with a chat and a cup of tea/coffee with like-minded mums or dads!

Baby Yoga

Benefits for baby

 Promotes better sleep

 Improves digestion

Can ease gas pains

 Boosts immune system

 Increases neuromuscular development

 Strengthens the physical body

 Helps master milestones such as sitting & crawling

When & where:

Classes aren't currently running at the moment due to Covid restrictions.

How long:

Classes are one hour long. No previous yoga experience necessary!

Benefits for you

 Can help to reduce stress by developing relaxation techniques

 Can help to reduce anxiety

 Increases babies body awareness

 Enhances communication between parent and baby

 Promotes a healthy & physically fit lifestyle

 Strengthens the parent-baby bond

What to bring:

Bring your baby along with your changing bag (nappies, wipes, bottles etc.) and a blanket or towel for your baby to lie on. Make sure to wear some comfy clothing too!

How much:

A 5 week course costs €85